Employment and access to employment

Simulation of interview

  • To prepare the migrant for job interviews

Identifying existing transversal skills from past work situations

  • Facilitate the identification of transversal skills
  • Explore potential jobs having the same predominance of skills

Social coaching and counselling

  • To explain social coaching and the challenges.
  • To define the position of the social coacher.

Voluntary career mentors

  • To involve local mentors with work experience to advise refugees.

Follow-up of the migrant

  • To implement an effective follow-up of migrants.

44 points = job

  • To provide quantifiable qualification requirements through the creation of a point system reflecting company’s professional standards.
  • To implemente a measurement tool that visualizes the distance of the participant to the labor market.
  • To gamify the path to employment.

How to take into account the background of the refugee

  • To guide professionals and volunteers to take into account the background of refugees and newcomers.



  • To explain the meaning of empowerment.
  • To empower refugees and newcomers.

The glass of possibilities

  • To understand what is possible for the future.
  • To define the further steps to fill the gap in order to achieve the general goal.

Conflict management and change

  • To prepare professionals to support migrants facing psychological, cognitive and behavioural difficulties.