Mapping personal networks

  • To map and measure the relevance of our social network in the job search.
  • To involve our network in the job search

What is expected of the newcomer when starting a job

  • To assess if the adaptation to the workplace is going well.

Preparing the job interview: periodisation of my working life

  • To prepare to talk about one's working life during a job interview.

Learning to learn

  • To facilitate the act of learning.
  • To develop the key competence "Learning to learn".

Voluntary career mentors

  • To involve local mentors with work experience to advise refugees.

Learning language and citizenship skills

  • To learn the language of the host country through outdoor activities.
  • To get to know about the local area and the services offered while learning the language.

Customised learning workshops

  • To organise the space to welcome learners with different levels.
  • To manage individual learning paths.

Video CV

  • To explain the added value of video CV.
  • To provide guidelines to produce an effective video CV.

Follow-up of the migrant

  • To implement an effective follow-up of migrants.