How do I learn?

  • To empower the migrant regarding the learning to learn competence.

Words for work

  • To learn the vocabulary that is needed for a specific occupation.

Portfolio of skills and competences

  • To help the refugee to identify and valorise skills and competences.

EU Skills Profile Tool

  • To support the advisor in the analysis of the experience of the refugee.
  • To organise the presentation of skills and expectations.

Performance feedback form for the mentor

  • To evaluate how the refugee, newcomer is adapting to the company.

Guidelines for managing the mentoring relationship

  • To prepare the mentoring relationship.

First mentoring meeting checklist

  • To help the mentor preparing the first meeting with the refugee.

Mentoring agreement

To formalise the mentoring relationship.

Preparing the tutor to communicate with the refugee

  • To prepare tutors in the company to support effectively the refugee.
  • To prepare them to provide adequate language support.


Preparing the company to welcome a refugee

  • To describe the various responsibilities for a proper integration
  • To provide a checklist for welcoming a refugee