Identifying and developing skills for employment

Portfolio of skills and competences

  • To help the refugee to identify and valorise skills and competences.

EU Skills Profile Tool

  • To support the advisor in the analysis of the experience of the refugee.
  • To organise the presentation of skills and expectations.

Preparing the job interview: periodisation of my working life

  • To prepare to talk about one's working life during a job interview.

44 points = job

  • To provide quantifiable qualification requirements through the creation of a point system reflecting company’s professional standards.
  • To implemente a measurement tool that visualizes the distance of the participant to the labor market.
  • To gamify the path to employment.

Identifying key skills for employment

  • To identify key employability skills.
  • To evaluate the distance towards their mastering.
  • To plan the actions to implement.

Career guidance

  • To adapt career guidance services to refugees and newcomers.