Identifying and developing skills for employment

Behavioural interview guide

  • To guide the counsellor in the exploration of transversal skills through conversation
  • To explore the experience, knowledge, values and beliefs of the newcomer

Identifying existing transversal skills from past work situations

  • Facilitate the identification of transversal skills
  • Explore potential jobs having the same predominance of skills

44 points = job

  • To provide quantifiable qualification requirements through the creation of a point system reflecting company’s professional standards.
  • To implemente a measurement tool that visualizes the distance of the participant to the labor market.
  • To gamify the path to employment.

Video CV

  • To explain the added value of video CV.
  • To provide guidelines to produce an effective video CV.

Identifying key skills for employment

  • To identify key employability skills.
  • To evaluate the distance towards their mastering.
  • To plan the actions to implement.

Qualification card - Plasterer

  • Verify the requirements and skills needed to work in the construction sector as plasterer.
  • Follow the development of practical skills in a work situation.

Qualification card - Housekeeping Attendant

  • Check the prerequisites and attitudes required for employment as Housekeeping Attendant.
  • To monitor the development of practical skills during a work placement associated with training.


Mapping personal networks

  • To map and measure the relevance of our social network in the job search.
  • To involve our network in the job search

Decoding soft skills

  • To understand the concrete expectations related to soft skills independently from the cultural interpretations.

Assessing and improving soft skills

  • To assess soft skills on the workplace
  • To think about solutions to improve them