Preparing and supporting companies to employ refugees

Pre-insertion analysis: why inserting a refugee in the company?

  • To be aware of opportunities and risks
  • To assess the strengths of the company and areas of improvement

Welcome kit

  • To suggest the content of a useful welcome kit for refugees

Safety at work

  • To promote the acquisition of a culture of safety at work.

Words for work

  • To learn the vocabulary that is needed for a specific occupation.

Performance feedback form for the mentor

  • To evaluate how the refugee, newcomer is adapting to the company.

Guidelines for managing the mentoring relationship

  • To prepare the mentoring relationship.

First mentoring meeting checklist

  • To help the mentor preparing the first meeting with the refugee.

Mentoring agreement

To formalise the mentoring relationship.

Intercultural communication on the workplace

  • To make managers aware of the importance of intercultural communication.
  • To provide examples of intercultural communication activities.


Structuring a training action at the workplace

  • To show how it is possible to organise group training sessions focused on language and communication at the workplace.
  • To give an example of process that can be adapted to other companies.