Language trainer

Mock job interview

  • To prepare the newcomer to job interviews.

Conflict management and change

  • To prepare professionals to support migrants facing psychological, cognitive and behavioural difficulties.

How to integrate expectations and priorities of refugees and newcomers

  • To take into account expectations and priorities of  refugees and newcomers towards employment.

Self-directed learning

  • To engaging migrants in self-directed learning.
  • To support self-directed learning.

Psychological dimension of the intervention with refugees

  • To prepare people working with migrants to take into account their psychological situation.

Approaches to language learning

  • To explain the evolution of the methods used for teaching languages.
  • Focus on the action-oriented and competence-based approaches.

Competence based learning

  • The concept of competences and its evolution.
  • Relations between training and competences.
  • The various ways to define and classify competences.

Refugees in Europe

  • To develop awareness about the origin and characteristics of refugees.