Socio-professional integration trainer

What is expected of the newcomer when starting a job

  • To assess if the adaptation to the workplace is going well.

EU Skills Profile Tool

  • To support the advisor in the analysis of the experience of the refugee.
  • To organise the presentation of skills and expectations.

Preparing the job interview: periodisation of my working life

  • To prepare to talk about one's working life during a job interview.

Voluntary career mentors

  • To involve local mentors with work experience to advise refugees.

Self-portrait in words

  • To encourage refugees and newcomers to tell their story.

Mock job interview

  • To prepare the newcomer to job interviews.

What would you like to do?

  • To explore thinking with migrants in search of job.
  • To widen the choice of potential jobs.

Follow-up of the migrant

  • To implement an effective follow-up of migrants.

Conflict management and change

  • To prepare professionals to support migrants facing psychological, cognitive and behavioural difficulties.

Career guidance

  • To adapt career guidance services to refugees and newcomers.