Company manager

44 points = job

  • To provide quantifiable qualification requirements through the creation of a point system reflecting company’s professional standards.
  • To implemente a measurement tool that visualizes the distance of the participant to the labor market.
  • To gamify the path to employment.

Intercultural competence

  • To describe the competence needed to work in a human environment composed of different cultures.
  • To provide tips to improve this competence in action.

Decoding soft skills

  • To understand the concrete expectations related to soft skills independently from the cultural interpretations.

Safety at work

  • To promote the acquisition of a culture of safety at work.

Welcome kit

  • To suggest the content of a useful welcome kit for refugees

What is expected of the newcomer when starting a job

  • To assess if the adaptation to the workplace is going well.

Preparing the company to welcome a refugee

  • To describe the various responsibilities for a proper integration
  • To provide a checklist for welcoming a refugee


Minimising cross-cultural issues during the interview

  • To prepare companies to welcome staff of foreign origin
  • To inform companies about the diversity of migrants (according to their status, level, origin...)

Psychological dimension of the intervention with refugees

  • To prepare people working with migrants to take into account their psychological situation.

Diversity management approach

  • To inform managers of the added value of diversity management.
  • To give the basics on how to implement diversity management in a company.