Refugees and newcomers

Online ressources to learn the language

  • To help learning the host country language

The glass of possibilities

  • To understand what is possible for the future.
  • To define the further steps to fill the gap in order to achieve the general goal.

Video CV

  • To explain the added value of video CV.
  • To provide guidelines to produce an effective video CV.

Intercultural competence

  • To describe the competence needed to work in a human environment composed of different cultures.
  • To provide tips to improve this competence in action.

Identifying key skills for employment

  • To identify key employability skills.
  • To evaluate the distance towards their mastering.
  • To plan the actions to implement.

Design the lifelong learning plan

  • To provide refugees and newcomers with a navigation tool for future learning.
  • To transfer learning output into applicable praxis.

Self-portrait in words

  • To encourage refugees and newcomers to tell their story.

Qualification card - Plasterer

  • Verify the requirements and skills needed to work in the construction sector as plasterer.
  • Follow the development of practical skills in a work situation.

Qualification card - Housekeeping Attendant

  • Check the prerequisites and attitudes required for employment as Housekeeping Attendant.
  • To monitor the development of practical skills during a work placement associated with training.


Mapping personal networks

  • To map and measure the relevance of our social network in the job search.
  • To involve our network in the job search