This toolkit includes 3 types of resources:
1. Knowledge (to provide selective and concise information on the context or key concepts related to refugee integration).
2. Methods (processes that can be implemented to improve refugees' access to employment).
3. Tools (which support the chosen methods or which can be used separately for training and job coaching).

There are 3 possibilities to find the resources you need:
1. By browsing this page you will get an overview of all the resources available.
2. By using the search bar with keywords.
3. By selecting filters: What is the purpose of the resource? What is the main topic covered? Who will use it?



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  • At forberede et effektivt læringsmiljø.
  • At forberede ledelsen af en heterogen gruppe.
  • At videreformidle hvordan man lærer
  • At udvikle kompetencen "lær at lære"
  • At organisere et rum til at byde nytilkomne velkommen på tværs af niveauer.
  • At styre og tilrettelægge individuelle læringsveje. 
  • At understøtte og initiere den selvorienterede læring